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Analysis of Reasons for Slowing Down of the Vertical Complex Crusher

author:dahua1 time:2019-12-05

Vertical complex crusher, also known as complex crusher, has the characteristics of large crushing ratio and high output. It is mainly used in secondary or tertiary industries such as ore dressing, coal, building materials, chemicals, refractories, metallurgy, cement, glass, ceramics, and power industries. If you find that the crushing material of your equipment has slowed down, please contact the after-sales personnel in time. Today, I will explain the reasons for the slowing down of the crushing process and the problem handling.

1. The blockage of the complex crusher may be caused by too fast a feed rate. When the feeding speed is too fast, the load of the complex crusher will increase, resulting in unloading or blockage due to improper processing. In this case, we should always pay attention to the feed speed of the complex crusher and the indication of the ammeter.

2. When the feeding amount is large, the value indicated by the ammeter of the complex crusher is large. When the rated current exceeds the equipment, it will cause overload operation. In this case, working too long can cause the equipment's motor to block or even burn. When this happens, on the one hand, feed volume should be reduced immediately, and feed equipment should be adjusted. Therefore, when selecting equipment, it is necessary to select appropriate equipment to ensure that the complex crusher can ensure safe and effective work during the production process.

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3. After the complex crusher works for a period of time, problems such as aging, crushing, meshing and crushing of corresponding accessories may occur, or when the crushed material of the complex crusher has large water content, the equipment may be slowed down or even discharged. In this case, the equipment should be regularly inspected, maintained, and the relevant components of the complex crusher replaced in a timely manner. Ensure equipment is safe, stable, and efficient. Generally, the water content of the composite crusher should be controlled below 14%. After working for a while, the equipment should be maintained and repaired.

4. The problem of slow or blocked discharge of the complex crusher is the blockage of the fan, which may be caused by incompatible conveying equipment. When a problem is found, the fan should be cleaned first, then the corresponding conveying equipment should be replaced in time, and the equipment should be adjusted to achieve the best cooperation to ensure the normal and stable operation of the complex crusher and stable and efficient operation.

The above four points are the reasons for the reduction of the crushing speed of the complex crusher. Finding the root cause of the problem can resolve the problem faster, without affecting production.