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What is the difference between Impact Crusher and Hammer Crusher?

author:dahua time:2019-12-06

The impact crusher and the hammer crusher are two kinds of crushing equipment used for medium and fine crushing of medium hardness materials. Many users do not know how to choose, often asked "what is the difference between the two crushers". Today, we explain the difference between the impact crusher and hammer crusher.

difference between impact crusher and hammer crusher

1. Structure composition

The impact crusher is composed of rotor, plate hammer, impacting plate, rack, strike plate and drive parts, etc. The strike plate is rigidly connected to the rotor.

The hammer crusher includes rotor, hammer head, hammer frame, pin shaft, frame, crushing plate, sieve plate, and transmission parts, etc. The hammer head is hinged on the hammer frame.

2. Crushing cavity

The crushing cavity of impact crusher is larger, so that the material has a certain space to move, making full use of impacting. Besides, the impact crusher is multi-chamber crushing, the crushing effect is better. In contrast, the crushing cavity of hammer crusher is smaller, the impact cannot be fully played.

3. Adjusting device for discharge particle size 

Hammer crusher to adjust the particle size can only be achieved by replacing the bottom screen plate.

Impact crusher can be adjusted in a variety of ways, such as adjusting the rotor speed, adjusting the clearance of impact plate and plate hammer (top bolt adjustment device), etc. European impact crusher can adjust the spacing between the third impact plate and plate hammer by adding or reducing shim in the lower part.

difference between hammer crusher

4. Material moisture content requirements

The feed chute and the impact plate of impact crusher can be equipped with a heating device to prevent the bonding of materials, so that the material with large water content can be broken, and the phenomenon of blockage is not easy to occur. Hammer crusher cannot use heating to prevent the bonding of materials, so it is not suitable for the high water content materials.

The above is the summary of the difference between the impact crusher and hammer crusher. When you purchase the crusher, it's better to consult crusher manufacturers, they will give you a professional answer and the suitable type. Luoyang Dahua, committed to crusher production for more than 30 years, strives to provide customers with efficient, energy-saving, and environmental protection crusher equipment as well as complete solutions.

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