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Assembly of Rolling Bearing of Crusher

author:dahua time:2019-05-09

The crusher rolling bearing has high service life, low friction resistance, low power consumption, high mechanical efficiency and easy starting. Therefore, the rolling bearing is mostly used in crusher. Rolling bearing basically does not need maintenance and should be adopted in the relevant position. How to assemble the crusher rolling bearing?

Assembly of crusher rolling bearing 

(1) The service life of rolling bearing depends on the assembly method and assembly quality. Incorrect bearing assembly easy to produce many kinds of defects, such as ball grain surface spalling, scratches, dents, forming cracks, wear severely and has a high temperature, even damaged quickly. So the correct assembly and improving the quality have an extremely important role for extending the service life of rolling bearing.

(2) Rolling bearing assembly selects the mating dimension of the shaft and bearing housing based on the inner and outer diameter of the bearing. The inner sleeve of rolling bearing mating with the shaft adopt the matching standard of basic hole system, and the outer sleeve mating with bearing housing adopt the matching standard of basic shaft system. The shaft and bearing housing should be processed according to this requirement, which will meet all the cooperation.

(3) Take consideration of the load, direction, bearing installation method, working temperature, bearing type and working condition etc. when assemble bearing. Assembly of rolling bearing adopts level two precision, rolling bearing in precision equipment normally adopts level one precision, seldom uses level three.

(4) Assembling of rolling bearing should ensure uniform abrasion of inner sleeve and outer sleeve of bearing and easy to disassemble. When choose fit tolerance, should not use large interference to prevent expansion or compression of inner and out sleeve thus blocking the normal rotation of ball. Therefore, we should choose the right fit and tolerance between bearing and shaft as well as bearing base according to the machining precision.

(5) Clean rolling bearing before assembly, check shaft neck and bearing base, and measure each dimension.

The rolling bearing is generally not repaired after damage, because the rolling bearing structure is more complex, higher requirements for fine leather, repair is limited to a certain extent, so the rolling bearing wear or damage need to replace the new one.