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Inspection Matters of Limestone Crusher

author:dahua time:2019-05-10

The limestone crusher is used for the medium and fine crushing of limestone. The processing capacity is 8-120t/h, and the output particle size is 3,70-90%. It is mainly used for crushing raw cement and clinker in cement plants, and also for crushing medium soft iron ore, limestone, gypsum, blast furnace slag, lump coal and other medium soft ores. In the process of operation, we should pay attention to the limestone crusher inspection work, in order to play the maximum effect of the crusher.

1. After the crusher is in normal operation, adjust the feeding progress. The feeding progress shall be gradually increased slowly and evenly until the feeding requirements are met.

2. Pay close attention to the material feeding to avoid relieving tooth and iron falling into the crusher, which may lead to the breakdown of crusher and the lower belt.

3. Check the temperature of bearing during operation (maximum allowable temperature is 1000 ℃), check whether there are abnormal running noise.

PL limestone crusher

4. Stop the crusher immediately when hearing severe shaking and friction etc abnormal noise. If the main bearing of the crusher has severe oil leakage, please stop the machine immediately.  

5. Adjust the feeding amount at any time according to the dry and wet conditions and particle size of materials to prevent equipment clogging and belt overload.

6. It is strictly prohibited to stop with load. In case of shutdown or sudden shutdown caused by an accident, the equipment cannot be forcibly started before the reason is found out; If there are many materials in the equipment, the crusher should be started after reducing the load (the crusher must be started after cleaning).