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Can Complex Crusher be used for Sand Making Production?

author:dahua time:2019-10-11

In recent years, the management of river sand salvage is more and more strict. With the development of the market, the price of sand is gradually rising. Many investors begin to pay attention to mechanical sand production. Can complex crusher be used for sand making production?

Generally, the crusher equipment for fine crushing of sand making production has vertical shaft impact crusher and complex crusher, equipped with coarse crushing jaw crusher, medium crushing cone crusher or impact crusher, forming sand making production line. Vertical shaft impact crusher can be used for various hardness of ore crushing, more widely application. The complex crusher is applicable to the crushing of medium and soft ores, like coal, limestone, cement, gypsum, refractory and other materials with low hardness. Due to the small size, the inside part of crusher is the hammer, and the hammer head is relatively small, if the hardness of the material is too high, such as granite, pebbles, it will accelerate the wear of the hammer head, the frequency of replacement is greatly increased, so as to increase the maintenance cost.

complex crusher for sand making

In many crushing equipment, the complex crusher has the advantages of stable operation, low noise and less dust pollution. Now, let's take a look at the complex crusher.

1. Working principle: when the complex works, the materials enter into the crushing cavity from feed opening, after hit by the high speed rotating plate hammer, quickly into the impacting plate, the material after the impact be rebound to the hammer, hit again, make cracks on the material, then the material fall into the next processing link, the rotor cavity, the materials spiraling down, after stamping, extrusion again, can make existing crack ore broken again.

2. Performance features: the maximum feed particle size is 100 ~ 220mm, and the discharge particle size: material ≤3mm accounts for more than 70-90%. With the function of fine and coarse grinding, work with mill machine, it can increase the output of the mill by about 40% and reduce the power consumption of the system by about 30%. Working noise is less than 75 db (db level), and less dust pollution.

3. Application materials: the complex crusher is widely used in all kinds of ore, coal, cement, refractory and other industries, mainly used in small and medium crushing of cement raw material, clinker, used in construction sand, iron ore, sandstone, gypsum, gangue, block coal and other medium hardness ore crushing. Suitable for brittle and general hardness materials, if used to crush hard ore, hammer head wear will be accelerated.

complex crusher

Therefore, complex crusher can be used for sand making production of medium and soft materials, mainly for crushing raw cement and clinker in cement plants, coal mine crushing and medium and soft iron ore crushing. In the choice of sand making equipment, it is best to consult the crusher manufacturers, they will recommend the suitable type according to customer's specific needs. Luoyang Dahua is committed to crusher production for 60 years, having rich experience in machine designing and researching, development and manufacturing, installation and maintenance, welcome customers contact us: