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Can we feed the material in any size to increase the production capacity of sand making machine?

author:dahua time:2020-05-25

Sand making machine, also known as vertical impact crusher. It is a relatively common used crushing equipment in the production process of sand and stone aggregates, mainly used for crushing medium crushed products into 3-5mm. Sand making machine is the core equipment of sand making production line, the sand production rate of sand making machine determines the capacity of the whole sand making production line. Can we feed the material in any size to increase the production capacity? The answer is no, here, we will see the detail reason.

sand making machine

Material from the hopper into the sand making machine, and is divided into two parts through the distributor. One part enters into the high rotating impeller from the middle of the distributor, being accelerated rapidly, its acceleration can be up to several hundred times of the gravitational acceleration, and then being thrown out from the three uniform passages of impeller at the speed of 60-70 - m/s. The first parts are breaking with the falling material around the distributor, then hit with the lining plate, rebounding, and oblique upward impacting to the top of vortex chamber. Changing the movement direction, falling down, and forming a continuous material curtain with the material emitted from impeller passage.

verticla shaft snad making machine structure

As we can see from the working principle of sand making machine, raw material, after entering into the sand making machine, it will be ejected from the impeller passage. The ejection force of impeller is certain, if the material is too large, the ejection force is poor, when strike with the materials falling from the distributor, due to insufficient force, the materials cannot be crushed to required size. If the material is too small, the ejection force is too strong to strike the freely falling material around the distributor, let alone breaking the material to the required size.

vsi snad making machine factory

Here, we recommend Luoyang Dahua PLS vertical shaft impact crusher. It has the function of shaping and crushing, the impeller with deep cavity design makes the materials be broken more thoroughly, and the product is cubic with high bulk density. The air flow inside the vortex chamber is self-circulation, with less dust and less noise.

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