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Classification of Crusher Hammer Head

author:dahua time:2019-05-06

Hammer head is one of the core components of crusher machine, which is also one of the main wear parts. So, what kinds of hammer head are there? What is the difference between these hammerheads? At present, the hammer head in the market is divided into casting hammer head and forging hammer head according to the manufacturing process. According to the material of the hammer head is divided into high chromium hammer head, high manganese steel hammer head, composite hammer head, and cemented carbide hammer head.

High chrome alloy crusher hammer head hardness is good. Its surface is hardening under the condition of large extrusion force and impacting load with good wear resistance. But the disadvantage is poor toughness. It is easy to be broken without hammer support. 

High manganese steel hammer head has good toughness, excellent technology, and low price, but has high requirement of the overall performance for crusher machine. 

Composite hammer head adopts unique processing technology in the production, integrates with toughness and wear resistance. 

Cemented carbide hammer head has higher hardness and toughness as well as strong bending strength and impact resistance compare with other hammer head.

Each kind of material has its advantages and disadvantages, suitable for different crushing materials. Customer need to choose the appropriate hammer head according to the characteristic of the broken material.

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