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Common Faults of Cone Crusher

author:dahua1 time:2019-06-18

Cone crusher as the crushing machine for the hardness ores is inevitably to appear big or small failures after frequent movement and strong impacting. Combining the customers’ feedbacks, Luoyang Dahua summaries the common faults and gives some advice based on the rich experiences in production, installation and maintenance, hoping to bring helps for you.

Fault I: Machine frequently vibrates, spring loses flexibility;

Reason: Spring is not tighten enough; unevenly feeding or feed too much; the feeding materials contain much powder.

Solution: Adjust the spring tightness, feed amount.

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Fault II: Return oil is decreased, the oil level down;

Reason: Oil temperature is too low; the switch does not open correctly; oil pump does not run well.

Solution: Heating oil, check the switch and replace the oil pump.

Fault III: The gear wheel and pinion wear fast and sometimes they may break.

Reason: The mesh between gears is broken, thus generating large impacting force and causing friction; or the cone crusher works beyond limited load or iron passing.