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Common Raw Materials for Artificial Sand Making Plant

author:dahua2 time:2022-08-01

When producing artificial sand, there are certain requirements for raw materials. The compressive strength of the raw materials used to produce machine-made sand should not be lower than 80 MPa, and the materials should not have potential alkali-aggregate reactivity. Weak granular material. In the selection of mines, avoid using mines with relatively poor quality such as thicker covering soil, more mud in the interlayer, and flaky rocks. Select raw materials with exposed rock layers. If they are covered with soil layers or contain weathered layers, they should be removed in time.

 Artificial Sand Making Plant

Common raw materials that can produce artificial sand are:

1. Sandstone: a sedimentary rock with a sand content of more than 50% and a stable structure. It is mainly composed of quartz and feldspar. It is a common raw material for the production of machine-made sand. However, due to the good content of stone powder in the crushing process, it is used as a raw material production mechanism. When sand is used, it is necessary to choose sand production line equipment with better dust removal effect.

2. Quartz sandstone: Stone with a quartz content of more than 90% can achieve very good results in terms of strength and grain shape, and is the most commonly used raw material for artificial sand production in the market.

3. River pebble: a pure natural stone, non-toxic, odorless, non-decoloring, hard texture, good color, the produced machine-made sand is not only an ideal green building material, but also a better choice to replace natural sand.

4. Slag: a kind of industrial waste, which is also a commonly used raw material for the production of machine-made sand. It has a wide source and low cost of sand making.

5. Construction waste: The annual output in China is relatively large. Concrete blocks, crushed stones, and brick and tile fragments in construction waste are often used to produce sand and gravel aggregates, which are provided to construction, highway and other industries, and are produced using it as raw material. Machine-made sand can save the investment cost of raw materials.

6. Limestone: In the sand and gravel production line, it can be used as the raw material of sand and stone at the same time, and the stone powder can also be reused.

7. Basalt: The sand made of basalt is mixed into concrete, which can reduce the weight of concrete, but it is still very strong. At the same time, it has the characteristics of sound insulation and heat insulation, and is a good aggregate for lightweight concrete of high-rise buildings.

8. Granite: Granite with high quartz content and low sulfide content is a good quality raw material for sand making, but the problem of powder must be solved.

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