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Composition and Operation of PE Small Jaw Crusher

author:dahua time:2020-05-13

PE small jaw crusher refers to the jaw crusher with production capacity below 100 tph. The advantages of small jaw crusher is its small size, flexible configuration, small floor area, and affordable price. Today we focus on the composition and operation of small jaw crusher.

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1. Composition and operation of pe small jaw crusher

Composition of pe small jaw crusher

Small jaw crusher is composed of jaw plate, eccentric shaft, flywheel, spring device, gasket device and so on. Jaw plate is the wearing part of small jaw crusher, its crushing effect depends on the jaw plate quality and design. During operation process of small jaw crusher, eccentric shaft should bear great pressure, generally made of high carbon steel. The flywheel is the energy storage component of small jaw crusher to ensure its stable operation. In order to protect the whole machine, the spring device balance the inertia force of movable jaw and toggle plate, and the gasket device is used to adjust the size of discharging opening.

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Operation of pe small jaw crusher

The operation principle of small jaw crusher is the same as that of other jaw crusher. The interaction between movable jaw plate and static jaw plate is adopted to break the stone. First, the stone that meets the feeding range of small jaw crusher is fed into the crushing chamber by a vibrating feeder, in the operation process, movable jaw plate sometimes close to the fixed jaw plate, sometime far away from it. These two jaw plates form the crushing cavity, and the mineral materials between them are crushed by squeezing, splitting, grinding and breaking. The two jaw plates form a "v" shaped crushing chamber, the finished products that meet the requirements of discharging opening at the lower end of the "v" shaped outlet are discharged, and the finished products have uniform and neat particle size.

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2. PE small jaw crusher has high crushing efficiency

Although small jaw crusher volume is small, it has strong compression capacity, which can reach to 320mpa. It can easily crush the vast majority of ore, such as granite, iron ore, aluminum ore, quartz stone, pebbles, river pebbles, diabase, basalt, shale and so on. The whole machine is made of composite wear resistant material, with stronger compressive resistance and corrosion resistance. It can crush the ore with a particle size of about 500mm to below 100mm at one time. The crushing ratio is very large, which is suitable for coarse crushing of the ore. The low failure rate of small jaw crusher can greatly reduce the cost of follow-up production and maintenance, and improve the user's production income. The internal structure of small jaw crusher is reasonable, there is no dead zone for crushing, and it is equipped with perfect dust removal device and noise removal device, which is good for environmental protection and energy saving.

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