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Configuration of Sand and Stone Crushing Production Line

author:dahua time:2020-09-22

When designing a sand stone crushing production line, there are many factors need to consider, including production scale, financial situation, maintenance and repair capacity, etc. A good combination of sand and stone crushing production line can greatly optimize these indicators. There are a wide variety of crusher products and models, but you must know these common combinations:

stone sand crushing production

1. jaw crusher + impact crusher

This combination has low total investment, low energy consumption, less powder, moderate maintenance and operation costs, and low impact of noise and dust on environment.

2. impact crusher + impact crusher 

This combination has high energy consumption, high maintenance and operation costs, high noise and dust volume, but good stone particle size. The proportion of 0-5mm finished products is large. It is mainly suitable for enterprises with large demand for mechanism sand.

3. jaw crusher + cone crusher

This combination is suitable for crushing rocks with high hardness and abrasion index. Powdery material is relatively small, low maintenance and operation cost. It produces less noise and dust than the first two. But the initial investment is large and energy consumption is high.

With the upgrade of technology, crushing and sand making equipment is also constantly optimized and updated, and the configuration scheme will take on new characteristics. Enterprises need to make reasonable analysis and selection according to their own needs. You can click online service to consult us, or send email to