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Crusher Knowledge_Cone Crusher Knowledge

author:dahua time:2019-08-15

There are many kinds of crushers, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, mobile crushing plant, rod mill and so on. In the face of so many crushers, many customers who know the machine for the first time don't know what is the difference between them, and how to select the crusher? Today, we will talk about the crusher knowledge.

Jaw crusher: Jaw crusher composes movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate. When the jaw crusher works, the V belt drives the movable jaw plate move at high speed, squeezing the rocks enter into the crushing chamber. Jaw crusher is used as coarse crushing machine that can crush the large block of materials into small pieces. So jaw crusher has wide application, high crushing ratio, large output, simple structure and easy maintenance.

jaw crusher working principle

Cone crusher: Cone crusher has spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher. Here, we take hydraulic cone crusher as example. Hydraulic cone crusher is used for the medium and fine crushing of hard rocks, such as granite, basalt, cobble, and so on. When the crusher works, the motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the transmission device, and the moving cone rotates and swings under the forced action of the eccentric shaft sleeve. The section near the moving cone becomes the crushing cavity, and the material is crushed by the extrusion and impact of the moving cone and the static cone for many times. Luoyang Dahua cone crusher has automatic iron crossing function, it can realize continuous feeding, hydraulic system can realize overload protection and automatic adjustment of discharge opening.

cone crusher working principle

Impact crusher: Impact crusher is also used for the fine crushing of medium hard rocks, like limestone, bluestone, dolomite, and river pebbles. Impact crusher has three crushing stage, after the materials enter into the crushing chamber, they are broken through the impacting force and rebound of the impact plate and mutual striking. Cone crusher and impact crusher are both used for secondary crushing, there difference is that impact crusher is for soft materials crushing. If the crushed materials are hard, it would speed up the abrasion of impact plate, shorten the service life. Liner plate of cone crusher is 1 RMB/square, of impact crusher is 4 RMB/square, it can be concluded from the price that the maintenance cost of impact crusher is too high. Therefore, in the selection, should according to material characteristics, hardness, yield and other factors to choose.

impact crusher working principle

Mobile crushing plant - Mobile crushing plant is also called as "moving crushing station". It not only reserves the function of stationary crusher machine, but also climbs to meet the special filed requirement. Mobile crushing plant is used for construction waste treatment, underground mine crushing, highway and bridge construction. It has the function of screening and crushing, with the characteristics of strong maneuverability, flexible configuration and simple operation.

mobile crushing plant

In this text, we introduce the crusher from type, working principle, and characteristics, let people who are new to the industry have a simple understanding of crusher knowledge. If you want to know more about crusher knowledge, please contact us: Luoyang Dahua established in 1958, through decades of development, the company gained high reputation in the industry, the crusher machines are sold to South Korea, Japan, Russia, Cameroon, Indonesia, and other 20 countries.