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Development and Utilization of Construction Waste

author:dahua1 time:2019-02-22

1. Bricks in construction waste can be reused after cleaning, waste bricks, tiles, concrete are crushed and sieved, and after cleaning, low-grade recycled aggregate concrete is prepared as recycled aggregate for foundation reinforcement, road engineering cushion, Indoor floor and floor cushions and non-load-bearing concrete hollow blocks, concrete hollow partitions, autoclaved fly ash bricks, etc.

2. The recycled aggregate component contains a considerable amount of cement mortar, resulting in high porosity, high water absorption and low strength. All of these will result in poor fluidity of the concrete mixture, concrete shrinkage value, creep value, and low compressive strength, which limits the scope of use of the concrete;

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3. Waste wood in construction projects, in addition to being reused as formwork and building materials, through the wood crusher, the scrap can be used as a raw material for papermaking or as a fuel, or used to manufacture medium density fiberboard;

4. Scrap metal, steel materials, etc. are sorted and sent to the steel plant or non-ferrous metal smelter for refining;

5. After the waste glass is sorted, it is sent to the glass factory or the glass-ceramic factory for production raw materials;

6. Waste linoleum landfill treatment, base anti-soil and slope soil sent to the sintering brick factory to produce sintered brick, crushed stone is crushed, sieved, and washed to make concrete aggregate.