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The Reason of High and Low Breaking Current of Impact Crusher

author:dahua1 time:2019-02-25

1. Impact crusher kiln drive current rises from straight up. It means that the kiln skin is thick or small due to collapse. As long as the system feed amount is stable, observe that it is not necessary to change the kiln speed. If the heat consumption is too high, the coal or kiln head will be added to reduce the coal. The temperature in the kiln will return to normal and the kiln drive current will be flat.

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2. The kiln drive current drops slowly from a straight drop and then slowly decreases. This situation occurs when falling into the cooling machine. For the kiln, the kiln speed should be greatly reduced, so as to avoid the smashing of the material before the circumstance, and the raw material should be run. For the chiller, the idling speed should be accelerated to prevent one room. The plate is overloaded, and the air volume of one room and then the second room is increased, so that the large ring material is rapidly quenched and broken. When the coil material is approaching the clinker crusher, the idle speed should be reduced, so that the remaining large clinker can pass through the crusher smoothly and safely.

3. The impact crusher kiln drive current gradually becomes flat after a large fluctuation. As a result, the kiln drive is not stable and the current fluctuates greatly. Later, the circle or thick kiln skin is long and the current is stable.