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PEY Steel Slag Crusher_Steel Slag Hydraulic Jaw Crusher

author:dahua time:2019-02-25

PEY steel slag crusher is used for the primary and secondary crushing of steel slag. Steel slag is the waste slag produced in metallurgical industry. At present, there are more than 200 million tons of steel slags accumulated in China, and the amount of slag discharge is increasing by millions of tons every year. More and more attention has been paid to the treatment and recycling of steel slag. Steel slag can be used in metallurgical raw materials, construction materials engineering, glass-ceramics manufacturing, environmental engineering and agricultural applications. The recovery and utilization of steel slag can bring more economic benefits to enterprises

steel slag crusher


PEY steel slag crusher has hydraulic protection function and "iron passing" automatically, which effectively solve the problem of "iron block". The crusher has high working efficiency and can achieve continuous production. The crushing process is iron passing - movable jaw retraction - automatic reset - continuous operation. PEY hydraulic jaw crusher is a kind of crusher with single cylinder. It can both adjust the size of discharging opening and discharge out the non-crushed materials. 


steel slag jaw crusher

For the steel slag crushing, according to the different needs of customers, the site condition and natural environment, Luoyang Dahua developed dry method and wet method steel slag treatment and recovery process. Adopt crushing - screening - magnetic separation (washing magnetic separation) method working with GPY hydraulic crusher, ZM steel slag autogeneous mill, ball mill and other equipment, forming steel slag recycling production line with high efficient, energy-saving, and environmental protection. The machine has been sold at home and abroad, if you want to know more details about steel slag crusher, please send email to