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Downhole Crushing Equipment and Crushing Process

author:dahua time:2019-07-02

Most of downhole crushing equipment is primary crushing equipment, in the selection of downhole crushing equipment, mainly considering the size of the mine and special requirements, the crushing equipment cannot too large. 600mm×900mm, 900mm×1200mm jaw crusher or 900 rotary crusher are recommended. Jaw crusher has simple structure, light weight, low price, easy for transportation and maintenance, and small area occupied, so it is widely in undowhole crushing operation. Moreover, it’s recommended to use modular bolt connecting frame.

Most underhole crushing station only set up one crusher, a few set up two. When a 900mm×1200mm jaw crusher is set up, the chamber size is generally (10 ~ 15) m× (8 ~ 12) m× (10 ~ 12) m; With two 900mm×1200mm jaw crushers, the chamber is generally (25 ~ 30) m× (10 ~ 15) m× (12 ~ 15) m.

underhole jc jaw crusher

Crushing Process

The crushing process is divided into open circuit process and closed-circuit process. The closed-circuit process requires more machines, with complex configuration and large investment, but the crushed particle size is fine, which is helpful to improve the production capacity of mill machine, reduce the grading power consumption and cost.

The ores are fed to the crusher machine through feeder, after crushing, the crushed materials are discharged and sent to the belt conveyor or lower storage bin, and then transport to the main chamber through belt conveyor. The used feeder is belt feeder or vibrating feeder.