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Luoyang Dahua JC Jaw Crusher

author:dahua time:2019-07-03

Luoyang Dahua JC jaw crusher is widely applied for the primary crushing of various kinds of rocks and ore in the stone crushing production line. Dahua JC jaw crusher has two types, welded structure and modular bolt connecting structure. Modular JC jaw crusher is suitable for the downhole crushing operation, since the special downhole chamber size, the crusher machine cannot be too large, and JC modular jaw crusher is convenient for installation. However, in daily ore crushing production line, it is recommended to use welding type, because the price of modular type is too high, unless the customer has special requirements, it is generally not recommended to use.

jc jaw crusher

The integral casting bearing structure ensures the perfect match with the main frame, which avoid the unnecessary radial load to the bearing during the fastening process of integral bearing house. It makes bearing running more smoothly. In order to meet customer requirements, Luoyang Dhaka specially designed a full hydraulic pressure adjustment device, one button to adjust the size of the discharge opening, convenient and fast, at the same time, the equipment can also be equipped with automatic bearing temperature detection system and automatic lubrication system. Users can operate the equipment more easily and quickly.

The jaw crushers produced by Luoyang Dahua are complete in type, including C series jaw crushers, JC series jaw crushers, DHKS jaw crushers, PEX jaw crushers and steel slag PEY hydraulic jaw crushers. If you want to know more about crusher equipment, please contact