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Dust Removal and Noise Reduction of Stone Crusher

author:dahua time:2019-08-14

Crusher is the main machine that used in stone crushing production line. During crushing process, stones are crushed into small particles by receiving striking, impacting and squeezing from the crusher. In this process, the crushing of stone generates powder and the operation of crusher and conveyor machine will produce noise. People, who working in this environment for a long time, is easily to have blurred version, hearing loss, and even damage to the respiratory system. Therefore, dust removal and noise reduction of stone crusher is of great importance, relating to the enterprise long-term and sustainable development.

Dust removal measures

1. Due to the large granularity of crushed materials, there contained plenty of coarse grain in the powder, generally, cyclone dust collector or diffused cyclone dust collector is used for limestone crushing, while, coal crushing can use a cyclone dust collector and two - stage water - bath dust collector.

2. After the materials fall into the belt conveyor, due to the height tolerance, it is easy to generate dust. The discharge chute must be covered and where it falls into the belt conveyor or other equipment, and the air under the cover must be drawn out for dust removal.

3. Spray systems can be installed on feed ports or screening equipment to prevent dust rising.

dust removal water spray

Noise reduction measures

1. Wrapping damping material outside the drum can effectively reduce noise by 10-15db (A).

2. Change the liner of crusher into low noise liner plate to reduce part of the impacting noise.

3. Add a sound insulation cover for the crusher, comprehensively control the crusher noise, and block the external radiation of noise.

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