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Factors That May Influence the Normal Working of Crushers

author:dahua1 time:2019-08-14

Crushers are the indispensable machinery applied in mining, chemical, construction, metallurgy industries. The main task of crusher is to crush hard materials like mineral ores and hard rocks, It works with heavy load in harsh situation. As a consequence, it is inevitable for the crushers to have some breakdown failure, which is a head ache problem to many customers. During the usage of crushing machines, a proper maintenance and repair may prolong the service life the equipments and could largely reduce the repairing rate. However, in order to have the machine well maintained, we firstly need to have a clear understand how the machine can normally work, only by this way can we hope to achieve the prospect effect. 

First, the temperature influence to the crusher. Both low temperature and high temperature has great influence on the proper running of the equipment. Hence, clients need to make regular check of the thermometer. Once found problem, please stop the machine immediately. Under low temperature conditions, ensuring the machine is well preheated before its operation to prevent the machine working under overload condition. At high temperature condition, please cooling the equipment and ensuing its normal working condition. Making sure to take manual cooling measures to control the temperature forcibly, try the best to let the machine working under cooling place. 

Second, the influence of debris.  Debris can mainly be categorized into two groups: one is from external aspect, which mainly contains soil, dust and materials that cannot be broken. Another category is the steel slag generated by the equipment itself and the debris of wearing parts. Different measures could be taken to deal with specific debris. The most important work is to well prepare the onsite production and make regular check of the equipments and timely change the spare parts. 

Finally, material influence on the equipment. Material hardness, size and composition will also have influence to the erosion and wearing of the equipment. However, such phenomena are inevitable, what clients can do is to take measures to reduce such influence. For instance, the size and hardness of the material should meet the feeding requirement of the device. For erosive materials with large size, measures should be taken to reduce the erosiveness before feeding the material into the crusher. 

Experts from Luoyang Dahua Heavy Industry Science and Technology CO.,LTD  said that: there are more factors that influence the normal working of crushers. Clients must fully comprehend these factors before they can find out effective precaution measures to achieve the aim of prolonging the equipment’s service life and reduces the repairing rate of the machine.

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