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Effect Factors for the Production Capacity of Crusher

author:dahua1 time:2019-07-01

Crushing capacity of crusher refers to the crushed quantity per unit time, the unit is T/H. There are many factors to influence the production capacity, the mains are:

1. Material hardness. The more hard the material is, the more difficult to crush and more serious abrasion for the machine. The crushing speed is slow, so the crushing capacity is small.

2. Material humidity. The more water is contained, the easier to adhere to the machine and block the discharge transportation, thus reducing the crushing capacity.

3. Finished material fineness. The more fine the crushed material, the less crushing capacity. 

4. Material composition. The more fine powder contained in the material, the easier to adhere to influence the transportation. Take pre-screen for more fine powder material.

5. Wear resistance of crushing machine. The better wear resistance the crushing parts (hammer head, jaw plate) are, the larger crushing capacity.

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