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How to install the Sand Making Machine Correctly?

author:dahua time:2019-07-01

How to install the sand making machine correctly is a very important problem. If it is not installed correctly, it will lead to the whole sand production line to stop operation, which not only bring damage, more importantly will cause personal injury. Luoyang Dahua shows you how to install sand making machine correctly.

Luoyang Dahua sand making machine is composed of feeding hopper, feeder, crushing chamber, impeller, main shaft, base plate, transmission device, and bracket. In sand production line and rock production line, sand making machine is normally used with crusher machine. Depending on the site requirement, the location of sand making machine is vary. It is normally installed at the plant or outdoor.

sand making machine

Before the installation of Luoyang Dahua sand making machine, check the packing list to know whether the parts and components are worn in the processing of transportation, and whether the parts are missing. During installation, the main shaft of sand making machine should be perpendicular to the horizontal plane. The upper and two sides of the machine should have appropriate space for lifting and maintenance. After installation, a full inspection should be carried out, such as whether the lubrication oil pipe is firmly connected. Luoyang Dahua sand making machine must be added oil before test run, and check the connection condition of each part as well as whether there are foreign matters on the impeller, whether the motor wiring is correct. After running, if there is any abnormal situation, should stop running immediately.

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