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Eight Points of Impact Crusher Installation

author:dahua time:2019-08-19

Impact crusher is the main crusher machine that used in quarry crushing production line. The operation condition of impact crusher directly affects the production capacity of the whole production line. In this process, many customers will ignore the installation of impact crusher. The right installation can avoid some unnecessary problems appeared in the use of impact crusher. Here, Luoyang Dahua will give you eight points for the installation of impact crusher.

1. In the plant, crusher should be installed in the concrete basis, not under the ground level, to facilitate the operation and maintenance of equipment. Leave sufficient width and height for the tunnel in the middle of basis, in order to ensure smoothly shipped out of materials. In order to facilitate the crusher installation and maintenance should install active lifting equipment, its lifting capacity by weight of the largest crusher. Leave lifting space above the crusher. Leave appropriate space in the side for the installation f feed conveyors.

2. Clean the external equipment before installation.

3. Before installation, check if the hole size and position of foundation bolts accord with the machine. If not, should take prompt action to amend.

4. Suspend the machine on the foundation, which should accord to the requirement of process.

impact crusher installation

5. Fully check that if foundation bolts and all the fasteners are fasten, if the electric appliance creeps, if pressure is normal.

6. Make the second grout after all the equipments well adjusted.

7. Check if the road linking the lubricants on the upper bearing and the bottom bearing of spindle reliable, add molybdenum disulfide lithium grease or Mobil motor premium grease with dry pump before the test run.

8. While installation, adjust V belt and make proper tension. It's required to move the rotor easily.

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