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Fault and Solution of Sand Sprial Classifier

author:dahua time:2018-10-05

In this text, we will talk about the fault and solution of sand spiral classifier.


※ Motor current is unstable or too high

Reason: 1. Sand return is increased. 2. Feeding concentration is too high. 3. The steel ball discharged by ore pulp from ball mill is increased. 4. V belt is too tight.

Solution: 1. Reduce sand return or feeding concentration. 2. Clear the steel ball in time. 3. Adjust V belt. It is advisable to be pressed down 10-15mm. 


※ Processing capacity is decreased

Reason: 1. Big tilt angle of trough body causes grading area decreased. 2. Pulp density is too low.

Solution: 1. Reduce tilt angle. 2. Adjust the pulp density.


※ Grading precision becomes low

Reason:1. The overflow weir is not high enough. 2. Slurry concentration is too high or too low.

Solution: 1. Adjust the plate height. 2. Adjust to proper slurry concentration.


※ Cannot form sand return or sand return amount is reduced

Reason: 1. Spiral blade is worn. 2. Spiral rotation speed is too low.

Solution: 1. Replace a new spiral blade. 2. Adjust the rotation speed.


※ Vibration of classifier, gear drive with a crash or sudden strong vibration

Reason: 1. Gear engagement is bad or worn too much. 2. Drive bearing wear out too much. 3. Insufficient lubrication.

Solution: 1. Adjust gear clearance or replace a new one. 2. Replace bearing. 3. Add sufficient lubrication oil.


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