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Fine Sand Recovery Device helps You reduce some Losses

author:dahua1 time:2019-09-09

Due to the increasing environmental protection control, all walks of life are actively cooperating, taking "environmental protection" as the first priority. Sand and gravel aggregate production is no exception. In the rational and environmentally friendly configuration method of the whole sand production line, it is inevitable that the sand and surface are inevitable in the wastewater of the wet sand washing machine equipped with the dust collector and the washing sand washing machine. As the sand is lost with the flow of water, each production line is likely to lose 5%-25% of the content, and the amount of loss in the year is also amazing. If you collect these lost parts, this part of the profit is also very impressive. Let's first understand how the sand washing machine works and see how the sand is lost.

The sand washing machine is divided into a bucket sand washing machine and a spiral sand washing machine. The wheel washing machine is widely used in the washing of materials in the fields of mining, building materials, chemicals, transportation, concrete mixing stations, etc. The sand washing process is a circular motion. The spiral sand washing equipment uses the propelling action of the spiral blade to clean the soil. Compared with the wheel sand washing machine, the spiral sand washing machine has higher washing degree and better cleaning effect on the stone material. In the same way, the sand is extracted from the different proportions of sand, mud and water, and the water and mud flow along the chute. Although the current development of machinery and equipment technology is relatively mature, it is inevitable that some sandstone will be lost in actual production. Today, we will introduce you to a sand washing and recycling device to help you reduce some of your losses.

Luoyang Dahua Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

XH series fine sand recovery device is a fine sand recovery device with world-class level designed by Luoyang Dahua Heavy Industry Science and Technology CO., LTD., which is designed to absorb domestic and foreign technology. It is widely used in wet process sand and gravel aggregate production and processing system. Recycling part of the fine sand (particles below 0.16mm) taken away by the washed sand water stream, thereby reducing the loss of fine sand, and collecting the fine sand, which can be incorporated into the finished sand according to the required amount, to ensure the gradation of the finished sand is reasonable. The fineness modulus meets the requirements, improves the quality of the sand, improves economic efficiency, reduces the emission of fine sand, and avoids secondary disasters to the environment.

The XH series fine sand recovery device is mainly composed of motor, slurry pump, cyclone, ZSD linear vibrating screen, cleaning tank and return tank.


1. Reduce the loss of fine sand and stone powder and effectively recycle it to make up for the loss of fine sand and stone powder that cannot be controlled by sand washing equipment.

2. The vibrating screen adopts a polyurethane screen, which has a longer life than other types of screens and is not easy to block holes.

3. The cyclone is lined with polyurethane, which is wear-resistant and has a long service life. It can smoothly complete the work of slurry concentration and liquid clarification.

4. High recovery efficiency, low cost of use, and 85% of the finest particulate materials in the total recoverable discharge.

5. The fine particles are fully recovered to reduce the frequent cleaning work of the sedimentation tank.

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