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Fault Analysis of Quarry Vibrating Screen

author:dahua time:2019-09-09

Vibrating screen is often used screening equipment in the quarry, followed by the use of crushing equipment. It screens the crushed materials according to the size requirements. In the process of operation, vibrating screen more or less will appear fault. Improper operation and maintenance will increase the occurrence frequency of fault and affect the use of vibrating screen. Luoyang Dahua sorted out a series of common fault analysis of vibrating screen in the quarry operation.

1. Vibrating screen has poor screening effect. Most of it is caused by the screen mesh blocked. The fine materials fall into the vibrating screen are increased and the water contend is high, which make the screen feeding layer too thick, feed unevenly. Also may be the two sides of the screen is not tight, if the shaft eccentric vibrating, belt drag weakness, belt will cause poor screening effect.

2. Bearing heating of vibrating screen. Vibrating screen bearing heating is not a good phenomenon, that means the usual maintenance did not keep up. We should check if there is a lack of grease and the bearing is blocked. If the grease is new, it is the quality of the grease is poor or overfilling. Poor quality grease can cause the bearing to block the labyrinth seal plug. Therefore, the quality of grease is very important.

vibrating screen

3. The vibrating screen cannot start or the amplitude is too small. When the vibrating screen occurs this kind of situation, should check the electrical fault, whether there is any electrical damage, whether the voltage stability, whether the vibrating screen motor has fault. If there is no electrical fault needs to check mechanical parts to see if there is too much material piled up on the drying surface of the vibrating screen, it should be removed immediately.

4. Abnormal noise occurs during the operation of vibrating screen. When the equipment in the working condition has abnormal sound, it may be bearing wear, screen mesh is not tight, bearing fixing screw loose, and spring damage. Replace the bearing, tighten the screen and screw, as well as replace the spring.

Above is the common fault analysis of vibrating screen in the operation process, Luoyang Dahua specializing in the production of quarry crusher, vibrating screen, if you encounter jaw crusher failure and other equipment failure, please contact us in the first time, we will reply you within 12 hours. Email: