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What are the Wear Factors of Impact Sand Making Crusher in the Production?

author:dahua time:2019-09-10

What are the wear factors of impact sand making crusher in the production? Impact sand making crusher is also called as sand making machine, which is widely applied in sand making production line, and is the main equipment for artificial sand making of cobble, granite and basalt. After decades of year’s improvement, the technical design of impact sand making crusher is becoming perfect, but it is inevitably to appear abrasion, what are the wear factors of impact sand making crusher?

impact sand making crusher

1. Effect of linear velocity. The linear velocity is the working parameter which has the biggest influence on the wear of plate hammer. Because the linear velocity of impact sand making crusher directly affects the impact energy and crushing ratio of the plate hammer on the material, and plays a decisive role in the particle size of the product. In addition, too large linear speed of impact sand making crusher may also lead to the sharp increase in hammer wear, this is because at too high linear speed, the material cannot enter into the impact zone, and the end of the hammer caused by severe wear.

2. Effect of processing capacity and discharge clearance. The capacity of impact sand crusher also has some influence on the wear of plate hammer. When the processing capacity increases, the product size will become coarser, the crushing ratio decreases, and the unit pure wear of the plate hammer also decreases. Similarly, changing the size of discharge clearance can also change the size of the product size to some extent, so it has a certain impact on the plate hammer abrasion.

3. The effect of the properties of the materials to be crushed. The wear factor for the plate hammer include: material property, material feeding size and material water content, among which the material property has the greatest influence. The unit pure abrasion of the plate hammer varies greatly for different crushing materials.

What are the wearing parts of impact sand making crusher?

The wearing parts of impact sand making crusher include plate hammer, impacting plate, liner plate and rotor guide plate. The wear time of plate hammer is the shortest, and the cost is high, so reduce the abrasion of plate hammer is the key to reduce the wear of impact sand making crusher.

During daily operation of impact sand making crusher, does good maintenance of the above three point can effectively reduce the wear ratio, and extend the impact sand making crusher service life. Luoyang Dahua devotes to provide high quality crusher machine and complete solution of sand and stone production line, if you encounter any problems during working process, please contact us at the first time. Email:, WhatsApp: +86-13938852499.