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What Crusher Equipment is used for Broken Hard Rock?

author:dahua1 time:2019-09-10

Rocks are ore materials that can be found everywhere in nature. How do you distinguish hard rock? Generally, it can be judged by the saturated uniaxial compressive strength, the rock of >60MPa is called hard rock, and the rock of 30-60MPa is hard rock. For example: granite, basalt, limestone, marble, sedimentary rock, quartzite, slate, dolomite, limestone, gneiss, etc. are all called hard rock. After crushing and sand-making processing, they can be used in many fields such as roads, Bridges, municipal construction, airport runways and railways. But if you want to make use of it, you need to use a crusher. Only materials processed by the crusher can be used in the construction industry. In general, the treatment of rock can be roughly divided into three major steps: coarse crushing, medium crushing, and fine crushing. The following will be some introductions to the hard rock crusher, hoping to provide some reference for the user's late investment.

If it is a large piece of rock, it needs to be coarsely crushed first. In this process, the jaw crusher in the crusher is generally used, which is also referred to as smashing. The smashing is the preferred equipment for rough rock breaking. The JC series jaw crusher produced by Luoyang Dahua has a unit production capacity of up to 1500t/h, and the maximum feed size can be arbitrarily selected between 430~1360mm. It has the following advantages:

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1. The structure design is suitable for crushing different kinds of minerals.

2. Optimal design of kinematics parameter and crushing chamber increase processing capacity and crushing performance.

3. The wedge adjustment for CSS achieves infinite adjustment, which is quick and convenient.

4. The bearing design ensures the big loading capacity and reliable operation of jaw crusher.

5. The design of toggle plate increases the stroke of lower chamber and processing capacity.

6. The integrated design of the motor base together with the main frame saves the installation space.

7. In order to increase JC jaw crusher crushing performance, various jaw plate tooth-shapes are suitable for different crushing materials.

After the rock has been processed by the jaw crusher, if it is not enough to meet the needs of the users, it is necessary to use the medium crushing equipment. For these crushers, we can use the impact crusher and the cone crusher. Many users use the impact crusher, ISP strong fine impact crusher produced by Luoyang Dahua, with a unit production capacity of 230t/h, suitable for crushing feed particle size not more than 400mm, compressive strength not exceeding 250MPa A variety of coarse, medium and fine materials. It has the following advantages:

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1. There are two different adjustable crushing cavities of ISP impact crusher, which increases the efficiency.

2. The anti-wear alloy hammer and impact plate increase the utilization and reduce the cost.

3. There are special symmetric check-doors at both sides of the frame, which are convenient to change the hammer and impact plate.

4. The discharge opening is adjustable. The final product size can be controlled. The shape of the product shows like a cube type.

5. ISP impact crusher has smart structure, easy to maintain, energy-saving.

If the particle size of the finished product cannot meet the customer's requirements, the sand making machine, that is, the vertical impact crusher, can be used for further fine crushing. The PLS series vertical impact crusher produced by Luoyang Dahua Heavy Industry can adopt the high-speed mode of 80 m/s or more, which is used for the fine crushing and shaping of coarse sand grains in the gravel aggregate processing industry, thus optimizing the adjustment of the finished sand granularity grading. The role of the fineness modulus of the sand can be smaller. This device has the following advantages:

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1. The design of deep cavity makes more space for the impeller which can improve the efficiency.

2. Reasonable inner structure makes the material protect itself, which makes the life of the impeller longer. And the cost will be lower.

3. There are different speeds (high, medium, low) to choose which can fully show the efficiency of the machine. It has the function of crushing, sand making and shape making.

4. The wear plate and hard facing protect the impeller and make it safe and lifelong.

5. Higher accuracy of manufacture makes the anti-unbalanced ability of the impeller better.

6. The wear parts are standard modularity. It is convenient for maintenance.