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Four Advantages Help the Jaw Crusher Constantly Developing

author:dahua1 time:2019-06-25

Jaw crushers are very popular for advantages of excellent performance, flexible adjustment, easy maintenance, durable and stable, which have become the best in crushing machinery.

1. Excellent performance. The materials properties are differ from the hardness, corrosion, and silt content. The processing capacity, power consumption and the service life of liner plate are optimized through suitable designing of crushing cavity to reduce the relative slip and bounce of the main shaft.

2. Flexible adjustment. Using automatic adjustment system to control and take overload protection of jaw crusher. At the same time, this system ensures the crusher showing the best performance of friendly touch screen, which is easy to operate and understand. It realizes the auto-compensation of liner plate abrasion and slight online adjustment for crusher by pushing button.

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3. Easy maintenance. The groove on the movable cone liner plate can crush the hard block of materials that cannot be crushed by plane movable cone liner plate.  

4. Durable and stable. The upper frame bearing is spherical bearing, which evenly sorbs the load from every direction, and replace the traditional upper frame sleeve. It greatly enhances the stability and lowers the operation costs. In addition, the main shaft moves, the oil sealing between frame bearings need to match relatively, so the oil sealing is unique designed. Jaw crusher is equipped with long-tongue oil sealing in double fabricating and special shaped scraped disk. This disk can remove the dust and soil attached on the main shaft sleeve.