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What Are the Wearing Parts of Cone Crusher? Which Company is Better?

author:dahua time:2019-06-25

As we all know, cone crusher is a popular crushing equipment in the market, but many users do not know what are the wearing parts of cone crusher? Which company supplies the better quality? In order to help you understand the cone crusher better, the following is the answer one by one.

The wearing parts of cone crusher mainly include: concave ring, mantle, and lining plate, etc., if the quality of these wearing parts is not good, it will directly affect the crushing performance of cone crusher, and even shorten the service life of the equipment. In order to ensure the service performance of the crusher, many manufacturers are using high manganese steel materials to manufacture the wear parts, after further treatment, the service life of wearing parts is significantly increased, and the cone crusher service life also increased by 20-40%.

cone crusher wearing parts

Although the wearing parts of the cone crusher is made of high wear - resistant materials, but with the increase of the working time of the cone crusher, wearing materials will be worn more and more serious, until these parts are damaged. 

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