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Four Factors affecting the Production Capacity of Sand Making Machines

author:dahua1 time:2019-10-09

Sand making machine, also called impact crusher, is one of the commonly used equipment in crushing production line and sand making production line, and also indispensable equipment for mining machinery. The sand making machine is used for the fine crushing of minerals and rocks in various metal and non-metal mines, refractory materials, abrasive ceramic raw materials, building materials and high-speed rail buildings, water conservancy and hydropower construction, folk sand and gravel aggregate production, etc. Hard, hard or abrasive materials such as sandstone, granite, basalt, silicon carbide, silicon carbide, alumina, magnesia, etc. are superior to other equipment. The sand making machine has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, stable operation, simple structure and convenient operation and maintenance. So what are the four factors that affect the production capacity of sand making machines?

1. The nature of the material produced, including the hardness of the material of the material, the composition of the material, the viscosity of the material, the moisture content of the material, the requirements for the size and fineness of the product produced, and the like. The higher the hardness of the raw materials to be crushed, the more difficult the crushing work, the lower the crushing ability, the slower the progress of the crushing work, the longer the raw material stays in the equipment, and the higher the wear and tear on the equipment. First, the crushing efficiency of materials with low hardness is higher than that of materials with high hardness, and the output is also higher. In the crushing production line, if the production materials are uncertain, you can choose those brittle and medium hardness materials to improve the crushing progress and product output.

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2. The influence of the viscosity of the crushed material on the sand making machine. The greater the viscosity of the material, the easier it is to adhere to the conveyor belt at the feeding end during the production process, and the internal cavity of the crusher is easily adhered to the internal parts of the crusher. If the feeding end affects the feeding, if the adhering material of the crushing chamber cannot be cleaned in time, it can affect the normal working state of the crusher. Therefore, for the material with high viscosity, it is necessary to reduce the viscosity or in the crushing chamber of the sand making machine. Design the cleaning device for cleaning work.

3. The influence of the composition of the material on the crushing work. The more the sand content and the amount of powder in the material fed into the impact crusher, the easier it is to adhere to the normal transport of the conveyor during the conveying process of the material. Material, the material forms a blockage on the conveyor belt, and no continuous material enters in the crushing chamber. The crusher performs empty operation or the material supply cannot be uniform and continuous, the load of the crusher increases, and the output does not increase. Therefore, to understand the fineness and powder content of the raw materials, for the raw materials containing more powder, a screening process can be added before the crushing operation to reduce the powdery materials in the materials.

4. The moisture content of the material also has an effect on the production efficiency of the crusher. When the moisture content of the produced material is large, the material tends to form a sticking phenomenon in the crusher, and at the same time causes a blockage phenomenon in the feeding and discharging process. Reduce the crushing capacity. For materials with high humidity, you can take some measures to change and control the water content. For example, use the dryer equipment or natural air drying and sun drying to reduce the humidity of the material, and then carry out the crushing operation.

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