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Models of Hydraulic Cone Crusher, What's the Price of Cone Crusher?

author:dahua time:2019-10-08

Hydraulic cone crusher is the key crusher machine in stone crushing production line, which holds a significant share of the market. Hydraulic cone crusher is used for the crushing of granite, basalt, iron ore, refractory and other medium and hard materials. It is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, construction, hydropower station and chemical industry. In the face of such a huge market demand, many customers will feel confused, how to choose? What models do you have? Here, we will introduce the "models of hydraulic cone crusher, what's the price of cone crusher?"

hydraulic cone crusher model

Models of hydraulic cone crusher

Luoyang Dahua hydraulic cone crusher has single cylinder cone crusher and multi cylinder cone crusher.

Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has simple structure, stable operation, the discharge opening can be automatically adjusted in the running process, and the manufacturing cost is low. GPY single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has GPY model and GPY-S model.GPY is for fine crushing and GPY-S is for medium crushing. GPY500 hydraulic cone crusher (throughput is 157-657t/h), GPY1000(throughput is 175-2188t/h),GPY300S(throughput is 350-470t/h). Dahua GPY800 and GPY1100 specialized for steel slag treatment.

Multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has more eccentricity and better laminating effect. Therefore, the content of fine materials in the finished materials is higher and the products are even. Common models are HPY300 hydraulic cone crusher (throughput is 75-430t/h), HPY500 hydraulic cone crusher (throughput is 135-770t/h), and HPY800 hydraulic cone crusher (throughput is 240-1100t/h).

We have more types of hydraulic cone crusher to select, here is a brief list of common specifications and models, you can click the online consultation for more crusher information and price.

hudraulic cone crusher price

What's the price of cone crusher?

Through the above, we know that there are many types of hydraulic cone crusher, different ore production lines, different output, different needs, equipped with the cone crusher model is not the same, the price is also different. Before quotation, the investor had better first communicate with the manufacturer about the required production capacity of the rock production line, crushed material, finished material particle size and other parameters, so that the crusher manufacturer can recommend the appropriate model for you according to specific needs, and give a detailed quotation. Want to know more about crusher quotation, please send email to

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