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What are the Mainstream Crushers on the Market?

author:dahua1 time:2019-10-08

At present, there are many kinds of crushers on the market. The mainstream equipments are mainly jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers and sand making machines. However, these sand making machines have various models and different types of crushing machines. Machines, in terms of processing capacity, capacity, floor space, production efficiency, etc., so the equipment model cannot be randomly selected, you need to choose according to their actual conditions and production needs, too large or too small will affect the production schedule. How do we choose the right equipment for our needs in the face of so many choices? First of all, we should understand the performance and characteristics of the equipment.

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Jaw Crusher

The reason why it is called the jaw crusher is that it mainly uses two jaws for material processing and crushing. The utility model comprises a fixed jaw plate and a movable jaw plate, and the movable jaw plate is periodically reciprocated against the fixed jaw plate, and the material enters when separated, and the material between the two jaw plates is broken when approaching. The device has simple structure, large breakage and uniform discharge, and is often used for coarse crushing of materials. More importantly, equipment costs are relatively low and repairs are relatively easy compared to other crushers.

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Cone Crusher

The cone crusher is often used for medium-hardness materials for crushing. The principle of laminating crushing is adopted, and the grain size is more uniform, but it is not suitable for crushing of viscous materials. In addition, its other great advantage is that it has a variety of cavity types to choose from, you can choose ultra-thick, coarse, medium, fine, ultra-fine and other cavity types according to your needs. The wear resistance of the cone crusher is very strong. In the practice of crushing high hardness stone, the wear parts of the cone crusher can be used for several months.

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Impact Crusher

The impact crusher is a crushing machine that uses impact force to crush materials. Like the cone crusher, it is often used for medium and fine crushing of materials. But the difference is that the impact crusher has the function of micro-shaping, the grain size is good, the stone powder is less, the material is cubic particles, the grain size is coarser, and the building materials and construction projects are more used; the cone crusher is broken, efficient. The type of crushing chamber is optional, the discharge size is fine, and there is more used in beneficiation.

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Sand Making Machine / Vertical Impact Crusher

The sand making machine has the characteristics of low use cost, strong adaptability, large throughput, excellent finished product quality, wide application and other unparalleled competitive advantages. The working principle of "stone stone, stone iron" is adopted, that is, the high-speed rotating sand stone collides with each other, the impact crushing of the sand stone and the machine and the friction between the sand and the stone are broken. These two working principles can adapt to more work. Condition and the crushing and shaping requirements of different materials, the product size is also better, playing a very important role in the sand production line.