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Difference between Single-cylinder Cone Crusher and Multi-cylinder Cone Crusher

author:dahua time:2019-10-07

In ore processing production, cone crusher is used for the crushing of hard rock and ore. Because of strong crushing force, large production capacity and high rate of finished products, more and more customers began to pay attention to cone crusher. Cone crusher is divided into single cylinder cone crusher and multi cylinder cone crusher, so what is the difference between these two types of cone crusher?

rock and ore cone crusher

Crushing principle

The crushing principle of single cylinder cone crusher and multi cylinder cone crusher is very similar, the shaft is driven by the motor, and then driving the eccentric sleeve rotate. The crushed materials are discharged from the machine bottom. However, the spindle of multi cylinder cone crusher is fixed axis, combined with the frame body, the eccentric sleeve and moving cone make periodic rotation, and the materials enter into the crushing chamber from the feed opening, then is crushed by the mutual impacting, extrusion, grinding and kneading action of the eccentric shaft and concave ring.

Structural design

Single-cylinder cone crusher has the advantages of simple structure, few parts, low manufacturing cost, easy automatic control and good stability.

Multi-cylinder cone crusher has large volume, complex structure and strict maintenance requirements. However, the eccentricity of multi-cylinder cone crusher is larger, 1.5 times of that of single-cylinder cone crusher, and the laminating effect is better, which can achieve greater output and better grain shape. In addition, the rotary speed of multi-cylinder cone crusher is faster than that of single-cylinder cone. Therefore, the final product of multi-cylinder cone crusher has a high percentage of fine grain level, and the product is more even.

rock cone crusher difference

Adjustment of discharge opening

The single-cylinder cone crusher is realized through the lifting of a single hydraulic cylinder, which can easily realize the automatic adjustment of discharge opening in the production process, and can automatically display the size of discharge opening. Multi-cylinder cone crusher must first stop (or run without materials), loosen the locking cylinder, start the hydraulic motor on the adjusting ring, and lock the hydraulic cylinder after adjusting the discharge opening. The size of discharged material must be manually tested.

Feeding operation

Single cylinder cone crusher cannot be full feeding, but full feeding operation is more favorable on the production capacity, product fineness, and lining plate uniform wear . Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher must be filled with full feed, otherwise it will inevitably bring eccentric sleeve, eccentric sleeve liner and other abnormal serious damage.

It can be seen that single-cylinder cone crusher and multi-cylinder cone crusher have their own performance advantages and play a decisive role in the ore production process. Dahua Luoyang suggests that you had better consult the crusher manufacturer when choosing, if you want to know more about Dahua cone crusher, and how to improve the production capacity of cone crusher, please visit the website: or send email to