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Granite Sand Making Machine

author:dahua time:2020-07-21

Granitic sand making machine is a highly professional sand making equipment developed for hard materials. With the development of the society, the demand for sand aggregate increases, many stone manufacturers see a business opportunity, want to establish a sand aggregate production line. So how to find a formal manufacturer to buy high quality low price equipment? Here, we recommend Luoyang Dahua granite sand making machine.

granite sand making machine

Mobile sand making machine, safer and more assured

Sand making machine is mainly used in large and medium-sized production lines, which is high praised by the customers. However, there are also many stone plant users are concerned about the transfer of fixed sand making machine. It is not convenient to move, after the end of one project cannot be successfully applied in another project. Don't worry! The mobile granite sand making machine introduced by Luoyang Dahua integrates crushing, screening, conveying and sand making into one. It can be moved conveniently, truly achieving wide application range, guaranteed output. This series sand making machine has strong energy-saving and environmental protection performance.

mobile sand making machine

Quickly realize the operation process, customize the product model

The sand making machine produced by Luoyang Dahua, whether fixed granite sand making machine or mobile granite sand making machine, can both achieve full load production.

Mobile sand making machine is the combination of mobile vehicle-mounted device and stationary granite sand making machine, so it can maintain the same output. It can process granite materials 12-650 tons per hour, with a wide production range. Moreover, the mobile granite sand making machine only need simple fixed installation to access the working site for direct operation with high production efficiency. Overall speaking, the output of Luoyang Dahua sand making production line is guaranteed.

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