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Mobile Crusher Concrete Debris Recycling Treatment

author:dahua time:2020-07-20

The fundamental need of the market for mobile crushers is to replace stationary stone crushing plants with mobile crushers. In recent years, mobile crushers have been increasingly employed in the field of environmental recycling that recycles debris from demolished concrete structures as aggregates. This trend can be observed not only in China but also in the United States and Europe. Luoyang Dahua developed wheel type and crawler type mobile crusher for concrete recycling crushing.

concrete impact mobile crusher plant

Features of mobile crusher

1. Unit integration

Compact equipment combination, reasonable collocation.

2. Strong flexibility

The overall structure of the equipment is compact, the turning radius is small, and easy access to the site.

mobile crushing plant

3. Diversity Allocation

Configure different crushing solutions according to the user requirements with multiple combination.

4. PLC control system

One button star-stop, easy to operate, real-time monitoring function, conducive to on-site maintenance and diagnosis. 

mobile crusher machine with screen

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