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Vertical Shaft Sand Making Machine, An Automatic Sand Making Machinery

author:dahua time:2020-07-17

Automatic sand making machine can realize man-machine isolation control, reduce human input and improve intelligence level. Automatic control system is adopted in the whole sand making machine. With the development of technology, the development of automation technology has increased efficiency. Mechanical operation, enhanced working strength and the combination of mechanization and automation is also the development direction of sand making machine. Is automatic sand making machine more expensive than ordinary sand making machine?

vertical shaft sand making machine

In terms of cost performance, the vertical shaft sand making machine has been improved and upgraded according to the working structure of the compound crusher. The machine price is moderate, but the performance is not inferior.

Working principle of vertical shaft sand making machine

Ore falls from the feed hopper to the upper feed plate in the crushing chamber. The material is thrown into the inner wall of the barrel through the centrifugal force of the feed plate, and has a violent collision with the inner guard plate. Material entering the cone - shaped rotor cavity will spiral into the cone - shaped space. After pressing and squeezing, the cracked ore will be broken further. Because of the tilt between the cone rotor and the liner, smaller materials move downward and can be automatically graded from large to small. The material is hit by the hammer head in the conical rotor cavity, the high-speed block material collides again with the opposite plate, and the material flow collides with each other, so as to crush the material through impacting, striking and shearing, thus improving the crushing efficiency.

automatic sand making machine

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