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High Quality Mechanism Sand starts with A Good Sand Making Machine

author:dahua time:2020-10-07

High quality mechanism sand can meet the different needs of different construction projects. So how to produce good mechanism sand with sand making machine?

Mechanism sand production process:

The basic production process can be generally divided into the following stages: mine block → coarse crushing → medium crushing (some parts are set for screening) → fine crushing → screening → dust removal → mechanism sand.

sand making machine

The crushing technology and equipment combination:

a. jaw crusher + impact crusher

b. jaw crusher + cone crusher

c. jaw crusher + roller crusher

d. jaw crusher + impact crusher + sand making machine

e. jaw crusher + cone crusher + sand making machine

mechanism sand production

High quality mechanism sand production process

A. According to the separation method of stone powder, it can be divided into "wet sand making", "dry sand making" and "semi-dry sand making";

B. According to the technological process, it can be divided into "single sand making" and "combined sand making";

C. According to the structure form, it can be divided into "plane sand making" and "modular sand making".

At present, the separation methods of stone powder mainly include dry method, wet method and semi-dry method. The mechanism sand produced by dry process has low moisture content and high yield, but it is difficult to control fineness and stone powder content, and segregation phenomenon is easy to occur in finished products. The content of sand and gravel powder produced by wet process is easy to be controlled, but it pollutes the environment and produces low yield, which tends to cause unqualified gradation and large fineness modulus.