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How to control the Feeding of Sand Making Machine

author:dahua time:2020-10-05

Check the crushing chamber door is closed and secured before starting the sand making machine. Check the direction of the impeller wheel on the inlet direction.

The particle provided by sand making machine should be carried out in strict accordance with the stipulated requirements. Materials with particle size greater than the specified value are prohibited from entering the equipment. Otherwise, the impeller will be unbalanced, the impeller will be seriously worn, or even the impeller passage will be blocked, sand making machine may not work properly.

sand making machine

When we stop the sand making machine, we need to stop the feeding machine in time to avoid the consequence of the impeller breaking or motor burning. At the same time, the sand making machine must be shut down regularly, and special attention should be paid to the wear degree of the central feed pipe, impeller, cone cap, circumferential guard plate and wear block.

sand making machine structure

There are two main ways to control the content of artificial sand and gravel powder in the sand making machine:

1. On the premise of clean raw materials, reduce the amount of washing water entering the spiral classifier, and reduce the content of fine sand and stone powder lost along the tail water of the spiral classifier.

2. The tail water is collected from the spiral classifier into the water tank of the sand making machine for precipitation, and the sand making machine is used for recovery . For fine sand, the stone powder and fine sand recovered from the sand making machine are sent to the finished sand silo to increase the powder content of artificial sand and adjust the fineness of artificial sand.

The raw material of artificial sand produced by sand making machine is 5-20mm coarse aggregate. After dewatering the mud with spiral classifier, the mud content of artificial sand can fully meet the quality requirements of the specification.