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How about GPY Single-Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher for Hard Rock Crushing?

author:dahua1 time:2019-10-22

Granite, basalt, quartz sandstone, silicon carbide, diabase, andesite are all hard rock, and the saturated uniaxial ultimate compressive strength is greater than 30MPa. In order to better realize the value of hard rock, it is often broken. For such rocks, coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing, and fine crushing are generally used to achieve the standard of use. The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher features advanced structural design, excellent crushing capacity, excellent reliability and low production and operation cost. It is suitable for crushing all kinds of hard minerals and rocks. So, how about breaking a hard rock with a single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher? Let's analyze it in detail!

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GPY single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a high-end product that is developed and manufactured by our company. It is a high-end product that combines machine, electricity, liquid technology and material crushing technology. The equipment adopts high-strength cast steel frame. Alloy material forging spindle, high-precision curved spiral gear transmission structure, combined with a variety of cavity selection and intelligent operation control system, the performance and advantages of the equipment can be perfectly reflected, can be widely used in various hard minerals and The medium and fine crushing operation of the rock has high crushing efficiency and can fully satisfy the various crushing needs of customers.

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Advantages of GPY single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for breaking hard rock

1. Crushing effect. The horizontal bar hydraulic cone crusher adopts the principle of intergranular lamination to crush the rock material, so that most of the rock material in the crushing chamber realizes the phenomenon of “stone crushing stone”, which replaces the traditional single particle breaking principle, which not only realizes Selective crushing of the material, and can also significantly increase the product fines ratio and cube content, greatly reducing the needle-like material;

2. Applicable ability. The horizontal bar hydraulic cone crusher under the modular design can realize the conversion of coarse, medium and fine crushing by changing the cavity type, so as to meet the diversified needs of users.

3. Operational safety. The design of the buffer hydraulic cylinder makes the unloading foreign matter or overload of the crushing chamber of the horizontal bar cone crusher automatically increase the discharge port to discharge the foreign matter and ensure its safety performance.

4. The degree of automation. The automatic control system can realize the overload protection of the crushing process, the iron protection, the constant cavity type, etc., and can realize real-time monitoring of oil temperature, flow, pressure, load, material size and other parameters to ensure reliable operation of the equipment.

5. Carrying capacity. The optimized design of the reinforced frame structure, the "simply supported beam" spindle structure at ends, the dynamically lubricated copper sleeve structure and the sensitive and reliable overload protection system can ensure the stable operation of the equipment in the crushing application of hard mineral rocks for a long time.

Hard rock sand aggregate production line configuration

In order to improve the shape and overall quality of the stone, the jaw crusher and the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher are often used together as the hard rock processing equipment. The rock material under the process has very good grain size and excellent performance. The hard rock crushing production line consisting of a single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, the specific process flow: the large stone material silo is uniformly fed into the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing, and then the coarse material is produced by The belt conveyor is sent to the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for further fine crushing, which meets the sand-making granularity and enters into the sand making machine for sand making treatment, and then sent to the finished product area for accumulation, and the unsatisfied return to the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is carried out again. Finely process until the requirements are met.

Production process diagram of 60t/h hard granite sandstone aggregate

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