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How many production modes are there in the production line of sand making machine?

author:dahua time:2020-06-03

With the rapid development of construction projects, the increasing demand for sand and gravel also promotes the rapid development of sand making machines, and the application of mechanical sand is also developing. The market of mechanism sand is more and more broad, and the technology of manufacturing production is more and more mature. How many production modes are there in the production line of sand making machine? How to choose environment-friendly sand making machine? Let me give you a brief introduction.

sand making production line mode

Two production modes of mechanical sand

With the progress of environmental protection and the prohibition of natural river sand mining, mechanical sand will gradually replace natural river sand. At present, there are two mature sand production modes: dry sand production and wet sand production. 

1. Production line of wet sand making machine

Wet sand making means that the sand produced by the sand making machine is cleaned by the sand washing machine. The finished product quality is close to river sand, the fineness modulus is between 2.8-3.1, the stone powder content is less than 3%, and does not contain mud powder, it is very suitable for high strength concrete. The advantage of wet sand is that there is no dust in the production process. By using of fine sand recycling equipment, the finished products have reasonable particle size, appearance is very good, is the market popular sandstone.

fixed sand making machine

2. Production line of dry sand making machine

Dry sand making means that the sand produced by the sand making machine does not need to be cleaned by the sand washing machine. After screening with the screening equipment, the materials that meet the requirements can be sent directly to the finished product pile through the conveyor.

In the dry sand making process, the staff should pay attention to the mud content and moisture content of the raw material. If the mud content is too large, it will affect the performance of concrete. If the mud content is too high, the mud content should be reduced before or during production. The advantage of dry sand is that it is not restricted by water source and environment, can guarantee the supplement to the maximum extent, and compared with wet sand, the investment of dry sand is relatively small in later stage.

mobile sand making machine

How to achieve environmental protection mechanism sand?

Of course, while expanding the sand market, it is inevitable to support the production of environmentally friendly mechanism sand. There are many environmentally friendly sand making equipment on the market. At the same time, according to the user's demand, we should understand the fixed sand making machine and the mobile sand making machine.

At present, the more used fixed sand making machine is Luoyang Dahua PLS sand making machine. It has "stone beat stone" and "stone beat iron" two crushing principle. It not only has the higher production efficiency, the good finished product effect, but also conforms to the current environmental protection standard. The mobile sand making machine breaks through the limitation of time and environment, it can move freely, which is very convenient to get in and out of the site, and be put into production quickly.

Combined with the above mentioned, users can choose a reasonable production mode according to the actual production situation. In the selection of equipment, we must also choose the appropriate equipment according to the actual production needs. If you want to buy environmental friendly sand making machine, please contact us, we will provide customized design and offer latest quotation. Email: