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How much is the small sand making machine with capacity of 50 tons per hour?

author:dahua time:2021-06-08

Sand making machine is the key equipment in mechanism sand production line, and it is also to meet the demand for sand aggregate in railway, road, infrastructure and other fields. Compared with the large sand making machine with high output and high price, the small sand making machine is cheap and popular with users. How much is the sand making machine with capacity about 50 tons per hour?

How much is the small sand making machine? Production capacity of 50 tons per hour.

The price of small sand making machine varies from $6000 to 20,000, and the price of each types of sand making machine is also different.

1. The fine crusher

Fine crusher is for some medium hardness stone crushing. The max. feeding particle size can be 200mm, the discharging particle size is below 5mm. Using the crushing principle of "stone beat stone", the stone is made into sand, which is 30%-50% higher than the yield of sand making machine of the same scale (≤5mm one-time yield accounts for about 85%).

Fine crusher, the discharge particle size is below 5mm, the finished product quality is good.

fine crusher 50 tph

2. Hammer crusher

Small production model recommendation: PC 1000×800, PC 1000×1000

Hammer crusher can not only break stone, but also can make stone into sand. The feed particle size ≤350mm, crushing ratio is large (generally can reach 10-25). The amount of over-powder in sand production is less, and the particle size of the finished product is less than 5mm. The working hammer head is precision cast by high manganese steel, which is more wear-resistant, and the service life is increased by about 30% and the operation cost is reduced.

hammer crusher mini

3. Impact sand making machine

The impact sand making machine has the advantages of simple structure, feeding granularity ≤50mm, with the function of fine crushing and coarse grinding. It has a variety of crushing cavity, convenient to achieve the transformation of "stone beat stone" and "stone beat iron". The particle size of the finished products is 5mm, mostly cube, high quality sand, which is very suitable for high requirements of building sand.

vertical impact crusher sand making machine

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