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How to Choose an 80T/H Ball Mill?

author:dahua2 time:2023-09-12

Ball mill is a kind of grinding machine, which is the key ball milling machine used after the material has been crushed. It also has a mixing effect. This type of grinding machine has a cylindrical body with spherical grinding mediums and materials.It can dry or wet grind limestone, steel slag, iron ore, potassium feldspar, quartz sand and other ores and granular materials. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, stable discharge and low energy consumption.

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How to choose an 80t/h ball mill? 

Ball mill equipment has many specifications. There are 6 recommended models avaliable for processing capacity of 80 tons/hour ball mill. The overall dimensions (cylinder diameter × cylinder length) are: Ф2700×4000, Ф2700×4500, Ф3200×4500, Ф3600×4500, Ф3600×6000, Ф3600×8500. Among them, the feed particle size is required to be less than 25 mm, and the discharge particle size should be in the range of 3.00-0.074 mm. These specifications can be appropriately selected according to the specific requirements of various aspects. The model and parameters 80t/h ball mill are as follows.


80tph ball mill

If you are interested in an 80 tons per hour ball mill, you can contact us and our engineers will choose the most suitable and cost-effective ball mill model for you. Welcome to consult online for quotation.

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