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How to Configure Sand and Gravel Production Line with an Output of 2000T/H?

author:dahua1 time:2019-12-24

The sandstone production line of the quarry will have different configurations, which can meet various stone processing requirements and market requirements for stones with different particle sizes. In many quarries, sandstone production lines of various specifications continue to bring economic benefits to users based on non-production requirements. A gravel production line of 200 tons per hour is a common type of quarry. As far as the current gravel market is concerned, the production efficiency of this production line is very stable, and the production line has a compact structure, a small footprint, stable operation, excellent output, and broad investment prospects!

Sand and gravel production line equipment process with an output of 2000T/H:

1. Crushing and sand making: The crushing stage is responsible for the special coarse crusher or fine crusher. Need to choose a specific crusher configuration based on the characteristics of the ore. The stone was broken into a certain size. According to the specifications of finished products and market trends, sand makers can be added to production to process different specifications of sand and gravel aggregates to adapt to the changing sand and gravel market.

2. Screening: Crushed or processed products need to be screened. The vibrating screen has both screening and feeding functions, which can effectively control the specifications of the finished product and ensure the quality of the finished product.

3. Conveying: The belt conveyor is responsible for conveying materials in various processes and finished products. It is important supporting equipment for sand and gravel production lines. Several conveyor belts are specially configured and selected according to the process requirements.

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Design and installation points of 2000 tons of sand and gravel production line:

1. Site selection: Considering ground flatness, slope and traffic issues, it is necessary to make full use of inertia to transfer materials to various stages to save energy and time!

2. Design process: Combined with the characteristics of mining stone, production requirements and material requirements, comprehensively consider working conditions, and finally determine how many production processes are required to complete the processing requirements.

3. Equipment selection and installation: When purchasing stone equipment, complete the production budget, compare goods and materials, choose a high reputation stone equipment manufacturer, and provide professional site survey, free installation, commissioning and other services by professional manufacturers. 

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Luoyang Dahua's production line with an output of 2000 tons

1. Environmental protection configuration and green production. In order to meet the national environmental protection requirements, the entire production line is equipped with a complete set of dust removal; noise reduction, spray devices, and main equipment have passed relevant environmental certifications.

2. Higher degree of automation saves labor costs. Equipped with centralized electrical control equipment, it can realize remote control of process startup, conversion, shutdown, alarm and other operations.

3. Small footprint and stable operation. By optimizing the technological process, complexity is simplified; the entire stone production line takes up less space and runs faster.

4. Easy to maintain and reduce operating costs. Each device has a unique material selection and is made of high-quality, abrasion-resistant materials, which greatly reduces maintenance costs.

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