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Crusher Motor Heating

author:dahua time:2019-12-30

In the process of operation, crusher machine usually works at least 12 hours a day. Daily, weekly and monthly uninterrupted operation will inevitably affect the service life and operation of the crusher. Good crusher in operation process, not easy to break down, while the low quality crusher, after a period ofoperation, there will be a variety of problems, seriously affect the user's capacity demand, thus affecting economic benefits. Crusher motor heating is a common phenomenon in crusher work process, why does this happen?

rusher motor heating

First, in the purchase of crusher, crusher model must be matched with the motor. If the motor is small or large, it will be prone to failure, such as the motor heating or even burning phenomenon.

Secondly, crusher installation and debugging must be carried out under the guidance of professional personnel; In addition, crusher fan blade fall off or wear will also lead to crusher motor heating, at this time we should check whether the motor fan blade fall off or wear, found the problem to solve in time.

In addition, when the crusher motor is hot, it is necessary to check whether the crushing chamber is blocked or the feeding speed is too fast, which makes the equipment in overload state. Moreover, it is needs to check whether the crusher oil is sufficient, and clean.

In a word, when purchase the crusher, we must choose the equipment from the large manufacturer, so the quality of the crusher motor used is guaranteed, which can effectively reduce the motor heating problem, lower the occurrence of all kinds of accidents. It is recommended the customer to choose Luoyang Dahua crusher.

crusher equipment

Luoyang Dahua is committed to providing customers with high quality, energy saving and environmental protection crusher equipment. We will give customers professional training, to ensure that customers can operate the crusher very skilled, as long as the proper operation, can reduce a series of crusher failure, to avoid motor heating. Luoyang Dahua crusher has stable operation, reasonable price, both crusher itself or spare parts are produced by the factory, with direct delivery. Welcome the customer to contact us: