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How to Maintain and Repair the Mining Mechanical Machineries?

author:dahua1 time:2019-05-22

The proper maintenance and repair of mining mechanical machineries in daily life can guarantee the machine working under normal condition, and extend the machine service life. Here, Luoyang Dahua provides some methods of machine maintenance and repair, hoping that the machine offer more benefits for the enterprise.

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1. Pay attention to put back the tools and accessories to the specified place after using of machinery.

2. Check the safety protection device; whether they are complete, whether each pipeline is smooth.

3. Regularly cleaning the machine, such as cleaning the grease dirt, rubbish, and debris.

4. Check whether there is enough lubrication oil. If lack of oil, should add more.

5. The operators must with professional qualification, ensuring that the operators can safe and proper use the machine in the operation process to prevent accidents.

6. Record each inspection and repair and on file for further reference.