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Waste Water Treatment in Mineral Separation

author:dahua1 time:2019-05-23

With the improvement of industry and agriculture development level and the population growth, water pollution has become more and more serious. In which, industry waste water is not only discharged enormously, but also contains plenty of poisonous and hazardous substance. It is one of the difficult problems to prevent and control in water pollution. 

There are lots of suspended solids, medicament, heavy metal ion and etc. in the waste water of mineral separation. If they cannot be treated by means of scientific and reasonable treatment, they will cause serious pollution and harmful to water cyclic utilization. In this paper, Luoyang Dahua will give you the following treatments:

(1) Natural sedimentation

Discharge waste water to the tailing dam (or tailing pound, tailing yard), fully utilize the large area of tailing dam to let the suspended solids settling and make the labile materials oxidating naturally.

(2) Coagulation sedimentation

For some waste water that is difficult to settle, appropriate inorganic coagulant or polymeric flocculant should be added to improve sedimentation effect.

(3) Oxidation

Waste water contains less cyanogen can be treated by alkaline chlorination process.

(4) Ion exchange method

The cyanogen in the waste water existed in the form of anion, so it can be treated by anion exchange resin.

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