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Steel Slag Crushing Production Equipment

author:dahua time:2019-05-23

Steel slag crushing production line equipment including crushing and screening equipment, iron removal equipment, and grinding equipment. According to the actual needs of customers, choose suitable equipment models, processing to different granularity. Here, we will introduce the equipment needed for the steel slag treatment production line in different stages.

The first stage: Pretreatment stage, mainly use of splash and hot disintegrating process. For some large particles whose particle size exceeds the requirement of primary crushing, it needs to be processed with hammer crusher, and then the pretreated steel slag can meet the feeding requirement for the following process.

The second stage: Steel slag processing and separation process is usually referred to as crushing and screening. It is mainly to crush and separate the steel slag through uniform feeding, coarse crushing, and medium crushing. The used equipments are jaw crusher, cone crusher and mill machine.

The third stage: Iron removal, in the crushing and screening process, the iron is prohibited to enter into cone crusher. The iron removal device is added to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

The fourth stage: Steel slag finishing process, grinding. After crushing and magnetic separation, the materials are fed into mill machine through screening machine, which can obtain different fineness of materials that used for brick making, steel slag cement, concrete and so on.

steel slag crusher machine

PEY steel slag hydraulic jaw crusher can automatically remove non-crushing materials, and automatically reset after iron discharging, which can realize continuous production without stopping and improve production efficiency. It is mainly used for primary and medium crushing of steel slag.

GPY steel slag hydraulic cone crusher has a special hydraulic control system, can automatically retract and discharge the non-crushing materials, to achieve continuous production without intermittent. The cone crusher has large capacity and high efficiency.

GMBZ steel slag rod mill adopts peripheral discharge mode, rolling bearing support, large production capacity. It is used in the fine grinding operation.

ZM steel slag autogeneous mill can separate bulk steel slag and steel, improve the grading of steel slag. The machine has simple structure and convenient installation.