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How to Reduce the Abrasion of Hammer Crusher?

author:dahua1 time:2019-05-08

During operation, hammer crusher will be worn more or less. How to reduce the abrasion? In this text, we will talk about it. 

1. Grate is the wear part of hammer crusher, which is damaged mainly by striking between materials. When the hard materials or non-crushed materials enter into crushing chamber, all these materials will increase more load on grate to cause blocking and damage.

2. Lower the height of rib plate, and make sure it higher 50mm than the grate. Or the reinforcing plate could be welded on the side of rib plate to strengthen the wear resistance and anti-strike ability of grate plate.

3. Clean the foreign matters and parts out of the crushing chamber before normal production.

4. Reduce non-crushed foreign matters as iron enters into crushing chamber. Magnetic separator can be placed before crushing machine to remove non-crushed materials.

5. Operators should often check the machine. If listen any abnormal noise, the machine should be stopped, and take out the foreign matters to avoid the damage of grate plate.

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