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Maintenance of Crusher Hydraulic System

author:dahua time:2019-05-08

The hydraulic system of crusher plays an important role in the operation of the crusher and affects the technical performance of the equipment. Therefore, in daily operation, the maintenance of the hydraulic system is particularly important, the selection of hydraulic oil is the guarantee of reliable operation of the hydraulic system, correct maintenance is the fundamental of reliable operation of the hydraulic system.

1. Choose the suitable hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil plays the role of transfer pressure, lubrication, cooling and sealing in the hydraulic system. Improper selection of hydraulic oil is the main factor to reduce the system durability and cause malfunction. Different grades of hydraulic oil cannot be mixed, in case of hydraulic oil occurs chemical reaction, performance changes.

2. To prevent solid impurities mixed with the clean hydraulic system. There are many precision parts in the hydraulic system. If solid impurities invade, it will cause the precision parts to be pulled, stuck, and the oil pipe to be blocked, endangering the safe operation of the hydraulic system.

crusher hydraulic system

3. Prevent air and water from entering the hydraulic system. If a large amount of air into the oil, the hydraulic oil compressibility increase, working instability, reduce working efficiency. In addition, the air will also make the hydraulic oil oxidation, accelerate the deterioration of oil. Excessive moisture in the oil will cause corrosion of hydraulic components, emulsion deterioration of oil, reduced strength of lubricating oil film and accelerated mechanical wear.

4. Precautions for regular maintenance. Check the attachment on the filter screen, such as too much metal powder, it means the pump wear or rubbing cylinder. In this case, must be diagnosed and take appropriate measures before starting. If the filter screen is damaged or dirt accumulates, replace it in time and change the oil when necessary.

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