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How to Solve the Failure of the Crusher Reducer?

author:dahua1 time:2018-09-06

The working principle of the crusher is special, so when it is working, it needs to be equipped with a reducer. In the course of use, the reducer will inevitably have some faults. How to solve these faults correctly? If it is found that the vent hole of the roll crusher reducer is blocked, it should be removed immediately and replaced with a gas cleaning filter.

When checking, it is found that the data of the oil pressure, oil temperature and flow rate of the roll crusher reducer is abnormal. It is necessary to clean the filter and the nozzle. After the cleaning is completed, check whether the lubrication is normal. For the bearing of the roller crusher reducer, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of calcium-sodium-based grease for lubrication when it is reassembled and reassembled, which is about one-third of the volume of the bearing space.

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When the tooth surface damage area exceeds 20% in the tooth length direction and the tooth height direction, the gears should be replaced in pairs. After replacement, the gear should be run and load tested. The tooth length contact is up to 60% and the teeth are up to 40%. It can only be used. When working on the roll crusher, if the oil temperature of the reducer exceeds 80 degrees or the temperature of the oil pool exceeds 100 degrees, or the abnormal noise and other phenomena are found, it should be stopped and the operation can be continued after checking the reasons and troubleshooting. When the reducer is rotating, the output shaft does not rotate. It is likely that the reducer key connection is damaged, so the reducer needs to be disassembled